Windows 11 nextcloud 3.4.3 latest Filerun: Upload changed files does not work

Harald K 8 months ago updated by Vlad R 6 months ago 5

hi there,

I use nextcloud (3.4.3) to synchronise files from a windows folder (windows 11) with filerun.
New files are downloaded and uploaded without any problems.
However, if I change a file on the desktop (e.g. txt file) and save it, I get two versions and the server version (filerun) is still the old version.

text.txt (server file)
txt.txt (conflicted copy 2022-03-29 185200) (file on the desktop)

i have reinstalled nextcloud several times. but i can't find the error.

is there any advice here on what i could try?
thanks in advance for the help!
best regards


thanks for your quick response.

the batch does not fix my problem.

i can describe it a little bit more:

1. i created a test2.txt file with some text lines in it. => sync ok

2. i changed some text lines inside the text file => save it => nextcloud tries to sync it => i got the conflicted copy file

3. i changed again some text lines => now i cant save the file => it says: file is write protected

filerun activity log:


Superuser29.03.2022, 21:50Datei hochgeladentest_file.txt


Superuser29.03.2022, 21:52Datei heruntergeladentest_file.txt

nextcloud writes (tranlate from german): uploading the file is not allowed because you do not have permission to add subfolders to this folder.

is it helpful when i try to find the parts from the nextcloud log, when the file is synced?

thanks again


If you want you could try Mountain Duck to synchronize your cloud storage with Windows Explorer. I've been using it now for more than a month with heavy usage (uploading and downloading multiple gigabytes every day) and it works great. https://mountainduck.io/

At least try the free version and see if syncing with it works. If it does we can rule out an error on Filerun's side. :)

Machs gut

hi vlad,

dou you need more details from me?

thanks again :-)


A FileRun update that fixes this is now ready to be applied from the control panel of your installation.