Can't view pdf files in Safari

admin 10 months ago updated by Vlad R 9 months ago 9

FileRun version is 20220202, Safari Version 15.2 (17612.

Doesn't show PDF file, only black background.

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Which OS?

Did this started happening only after updating FileRun?

Does it work for you with other browsers?

Mac OS Monterey 12.1, Safari Version 15.2 (17612. and Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1, Safari Version 15.4 (17613. and FileRun 20220202 - black screen. On FileRun software version is 2020.11.21 working fine.

Can you please try the demo: https://demo.filerun.com/#/HOME/PDF%20Documents (admin/admin) and let me know if you still can't preview PDFs. I have patched the demo now.

I try demo. I see black background and "Blocked Plug-in"


Thank you for your help, the fix will be included with the update that will be released soon.


A FileRun update that fixes this is now ready to be applied from the control panel of your installation.