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Disable file versioning for specific file types or folders

brwPfdGqJGX 12 months ago updated by Vlad R 12 months ago 3


I was wondering if it was possible to disable file versioning for specific file types or folders. If not, I would recommend to add such an option.

In my case, I have a folder full of images with a size of 2.2G, and the file versions folder has an additional size of 1.7G. I'm not planning on editing those images, so I would disable the file versioning for that folder, or for .JPG files in general to save considerable space.



Under review

Did you edit those files, or reupload them? As 1.7G out of 2.2G is a large proportion.

I uploaded them once using Mountain Duck, although I had some trouble with the upload and synchronization. It is possible that Mountain Duck uploaded a few copies, I checked the contents of .filerun.versioning, out of the 200 images 186 have 3-5 versions saved (max is set to 5).

Would I break anything if I was to simply empty the filerun.versioning folder using rm via CLI?


You would just be clearing out the old versions of the files. It doesn't break anything on FileRun side.