How to unregister a free license

Alessio A 9 months ago updated by Vlad R 9 months ago 1

Hi all, after testing Filerun we decide to get one for our company.

In the past we created a filerun with "download.name of the company.biz", it worked well, then we decided to try the enterprise for 30 days, but after the free period the license expired and we were no longer able to access the site because it told us to buy the license, but we didn't want to. Now we have created a new filerun, using the same domain, but we can't register it becuase we have already done so with the old one. I have the license, but it tell us that it's an enterprise license (5 user), if i put this license then we will have the same problem than before? Can we get a new free license 10 user like the one that we had previously?

Thank for the reply.


I have removed your trial license from our system now. You can re-register to continue using the free version.