Issue with email notifications since update

brwPfdGqJGX 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 4


Awesome update, it took a while but was definitely worth the wait. :) 

However ever since updating, I no longer receive email notifications from my FileRun installation (for example when I log in). I haven't changed anything in the config, I continue to have a few notification rules set up for my account. In terms of the email config, I'm not using an external SMTP server. (I've also eliminated the possibility of my email client not working properly. And I also tested the mail() function of PHP and it works fine.)

I was wondering if something changed in the update regarding the notification policy, or what I can do to restore the email notifications.


Under review

Can't confirm a problem. You have the e-mail notification logs under the FileRun control panel. Check there first to see what notifications are being sent and if there are any errors or not.

The last log entry is from the 15th of May and I don't think I logged in with the account that has the notifications set up till after the update. The admin account doesn't have notifications set up. None of the log entries show errors. It seems like there's an issue with the notification trigger rather than with sending the email.

The patch fixed it, thank you!