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Account creation with GDPR compliance advice

Gustavo Benito V 10 months ago updated 8 months ago 5

Good afternoon

Is it possible to modify the current form for the creation of new external users, including a warning check when registering, according to the GDPR regulation?


Under review

Hi Gustavo,

Could you be a bit more specific about how you would like this warning to look like, include, and where it would show?

I think what he means is that if your filerun instance is publicly reachable and registration is enabled you need to tick a checkbox wit ha text along the lines: “I hereby acknowledge the data protection section” with a link to those details. The data protection details might differ, but generally you'd list what personal identifiable data you are processing and the reasons. 

I haven't really looked into this as my filerun instance is only privately used by myself and registration is disabled as I don't have the enterprise version anyway.

Additionally, if you create a user on your filerun instance, that person needs to be informed about "Art. 14 GDPR - Information to be provided where personal data have not been obtained from the data subject" => https://gdpr-info.eu/art-14-gdpr/ 

I hope that helped clarify the matter.

hello Vlad, what Ovidiu says is correct. We would need that check and if possible, it would be recorded that he has accepted the policy. Thank you

Hi There, was there any consideration in adding this functionality?