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Urgent - Filerun down service after applying the latest patch update

Alex Y 10 months ago updated by Vlad R 10 months ago 9

Dear Support,

Just update the latest patch update and filerun down service.

The login page still ready. After I input login , password, 2FA,  It shows error "502 bad gateway , openresty"..

I am using docker version and update several times before with no problem....

Please solve.


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I suggest trying first to access FileRun without the reverse proxy. Let me know how that goes and if you're getting an error, which one is it.

The 502 one is not from the FileRun container.

It would be great if you could monitor the output of the FileRun docker container at the time of the login attempt and paste here.

Not exactly.

Everything is running smooth including the reverse proxy with the previous patch level.

After the patch updates,

The error message said" Failed to load file list, the server http response code is 502.

I can only help with the information I was asking about, otherwise is just repeating the same as the original post.

Dear Support,

Already try bypass reverse proxy and still get error. Please see the following screen.

So it's browsing folders that's the problem... Does the control panel work?

control panel works 

the folders not work ....

You still need to drop the reverse proxy in order to get the actual error. As I mentioned before 502 is from your reverse proxy, not from FileRun.


Ummm. Anyway I won't test anymore

My company have  purchase 2 pack of licenses and still under maintnenace since 2021.

I don't expect such poor support and testing without logic.

Actually this update in May 2022 is totally rubbish.

How a paid customer can verify your patch update is valid or not? 

I just click the update button and everything got wrong.. are you kidding me ?

I am using filerun since 2021 and nothing wrong with the patch update with reverse proxy setup for a year.

You say it is the reverse proxy setup problem? 

Ok. please go ahead with the update with bug. 


I see now that you have an Enterprise license, with valid support service. That allows you to e-mail me directly for support, and I will look at what is wrong with your particular installation: https://filerun.com/contact

Please note that this forum is mostly used in relation to the free FileRun version, which also has technical differences compared to the Enterprise version. Support service provided on this forum is very limited. If you still wish to use the forum instead of getting direct communication via e-mail, please note that there is a separate, private, forum for FileRun Enterprise clients: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/2-enterprise-only-forum