selective / optional versioning

ovidiu 8 months ago updated by Marthur J 8 months ago 2

I have seen a couple of older feature suggestions here, but it looks like nothing has changed. i.e., https://feedback.filerun.com/en/communities/1/topics/1495-disable-file-versioning-for-specific-file-types-or-folders 

I'm having a similar suggestion, how about being able to at least enable / disable versioning (recursively/non-recursively) on a per-folder basis? 

My use case is that I am the only user of my filerun instance, so I am not interested in versioning, but sometimes I share specific folders for co-editing where the apps don't have an in-built versioning mechanism, so I would love to be able to enable versioning just for a few select folders.

I think this would be a helpful feature, in my case, for example, I have a few large files (OneNote notebooks), which get updated countless times a day and the versions take up a ton of extra space. I really don't have any use for these versions because the differences are often minimal (a few words), so I could save some space by disabling the versioning on the given folder. I can't do it globally because there are some other files where I find the multiple versions very useful. 


This would be a useful feature to have as I only need a few folders that could use versioning.