Owncloud instead of Nextcloud FTW

ruggiero 8 months ago updated 1 month ago 8

Just want to report some personal experiences.

Filerun is an excellent web-based file manager.  However, I have always found support of the Nexcloud desktop app lacking.  I was sure the problem lied more in Nextcloud than Filerun.  To prove it, after months of troubleshooting and going back and forth between my Filerun installation settings and the Nextcloud for Windows desktop client, I took a gamble and installed the OWNCLOUD for Windows desktop client, which is currently at version  2.10.1 build 7187.  It operates in a very similar manner, but I am guessing some optimizations that Nextcloud lacks.  While I cannot speak for everyone, for me there has been a night and day difference between Nextcloud and Owncloud, with the latter offering:

- Faster sync speeds

- Better conflict handling, with the activity window actually showing what files were successfully uploaded, skipped, or errored out, with proper pathnames.  This allows me to go back and troubleshoot individual files or folders more easily.

- Better resumption of incomplete / interrupted sync operations.

- Proper file permission support between windows and the unix-based structure of Filerun.

Bottom line, it's just better. 

Ironically, the top of my owncloud window reports an unsupported version, as it is obviously running against Filerun which in turn reports itself as Nextcloud, but I find it quite ironic that an unsupported app works better - for me at least - than the supported one.


Interesting find, thank you! I will try to fix the warning regarding the unsupoorted version.

It does seem snappier and I prefer the simpler and clearer UI (on Windows).

This is indeed an interesting find! I've always had issues with the Nextcloud desktop client. I installed the Owncloud client earlier this morning and now everything seems to be working as expected. And, as Vlad says, it seems snappier and the UI is much clearer. I think this is going to be a keeper.

Thank you both for the affirmation - I will say that Owncloud is currently a no-go on Android, so Nextcloud is still preferred there.  I don't have as many difficulties under Android, but then again I only use that Nextcloud android app to view/browse, and occasionally transfer files; I don't actively sync.


on Android, the Nextcloud app does not support syncing at all. It only supports upload, which is not even the same as 1-way sync. 

FolderSync is really the app you want on Android. It's a really good app, allows instant and scheduled sync based on charging status and network connection type.

1-way sync with or without (for backup purposes) syncing deletions and 2-way sync are all supported.

I even have a FileRun folder that does 2 way sync with my phone and that of my wife, when we are traveling and make photos, we can move the best ones to that folder and then we both have each others photos to share with others or just to enjoy. 

And when I import photos from my Fujifilm digital camera to my phone, they also go to that folder so that she has them on her phone as well.  

Thanks for this find!  I am quite happy with Nextcloud but indeed the error reporting could be improved and also the weird 2 different windows never made sense to me (the small one when you click the icon is pretty useless).   I'm going to switch tomorrow :) 

I can confirm Owncloud Desktop Client is absolutely a BIG improvement over Nextcloud Desktop Client!

Only the annoying red notification about wrong server version, it also comes as a popup. 


How do you log into FileRun from OwnCloud Desktop client? I'm using MacOS, and upon typing in username and password, the spinner comes up briefly and disappears. Nothing happens.

I've tried OwnCloud for syncthing my Windows machine and it does work better, tho the sync speed is still VERY slow. Using the browser I can almost cap my gigabit lan, transfering at around ~90MB/s, but using the owncloud/nextcloud clients I can't get any faster than maybe 30MB/s...

Is there any way to speed this up? I'm gonna be relying on the sync app 99% of the time so it's kind of important as I usually work with big files (50GB and more)

pd: filerun works amazing, thanks for the tool!