"autologin.php" enabled causing permission(?) issue

ysk 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 0

#### Issue description

I've enable automatic login to "superuser" account, using http://192.168.x.x:123/autologin.php it result some permission(?) issue I suppose?

*Unable to delete files regardless if the file exist & created after login

*Unable to "Save changes" on any of the Control Panel setting

#### Steps to reproduce the issue

After enable automatic login and change parameter 

$username = "admin";
//Redirect to FileRun:
header('Location: https://www.your-site.com/filerun/');

1.Place "autologin.php" file inside Filerun installation folder

2.login using the link "https://www.your-site.com/filerun/autologin.php"

3.Delete any existing file or create a new file to delete OR go to control panel change any setting and save it after.

#### What's the expected result?

Files should be deleted & Changes should be saved

#### What's the actual result?

File unable to delete, setting unable to be save. Instead of error message "Please reload the browser and try again" will be appear at bottom of the page.

I'm running unRAID with Docker version of Filerun(20220519) in order to fix the problem I need to sign out and sign in via Filerun login page, then I will be able to delete files & save changes.