file uploading via Email

Steve B 6 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 months ago 4

One feature that would be useful is to allow files uploading to a specific folder by all incoming emails on that particular topic. I have seen this done in another custom software using cloud storage by adding a symbol or brackets .. can not remember exactly ..on the Subject slot in an email,  which gets picked up by the software and moves all attachments of that email to the specific designated folder. The initiation for this would be to load the path from the designated folder where one wants all files to come in and ask everyone to add that path in Email subject slot. 

Under review

We are planning on adding integration with Zappier and/or IFTTT, to allow custom workflows and behaviors as described above.

Thanks Vlad great to hear this.


I've seen that this post is quite old, but is it meanwhile possible to receive files via mail?
Thanks, Jörg.


No, FileRun will not provide options for importing files from e-mail accounts. But using a tool like Zappier or IFTTT you can use the FileRun API for achieving the same.