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Not possible to share with NextCloud App

Stefan J 7 months ago updated 5 months ago 3

Hi everyone,
I tried to share some folder with my IOS Nextcloud app. But when I touch the share button I can only choose the "Activity" tab. I cannot access the "Share" tab. I do not know if I lost the possibility or never had it.
With my Mac and the nextcloud App everything works fine and I can share.

Do others encounter the same problem? Could it be because I have 2 accounts linked in the app?

Thanks for your help!

Is someone experiencing the same problem? 
does this might be caused by the reverse proxy?

Under review

The iOS Nextcloud app was never tested by us with FileRun. Maybe this will change in the future, but for now we officially do not support the app.

I recommend you to use the web interface for sharing or for other functionality which might not be available via the app.

Okay. Thank you for the answer. Fortunately the PWA interface is really nice in combination with mobile devices. 

Im looking forward for changes regarding the IOS app.

Best regards and thanks for your work!