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A few comments about Filerun

dal 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 3


I've been testing out Filerun for a few days, to see if I like it, and here are a few comments:

I've uploaded pictures to the superuser (730mb) account and to one other normal account (50 gig).

- Filerun claims that pictures are created on the day they were uploaded, not their original create date (both accounts)

- Photos are not populated. I have to go into My files to see the pictures. This happens on the normal account. With superuser, Photos are populated.

- Photos -> by date are limited to Year and Month only. Not days. Or maybe this is because Filerun thinks all pictures are created on the same day (the day they were uploaded)

- Seperators between months / days would be nice to have here.

- I have uploaded files via a web browser and local file store, and lots of the pictures generated an error (not able to upload file).

I have also uploaded directly from the phone (using Autosync). That seems to work fine

So far it seems to be a work in progress. But it looks good and have a lot of potential. But I feel it's not ready for prime time yet.

Keep up the good work

id suggest you check your server setup. I've used it for a few years now, and while there most certainly bug fixes, the issues you've noted I've not seen. Maybe your server isn't ready for prime time?

Under review

I agree with the comment above, you should fix your errors first and provide feedback after.

If you share the errors logged in the PHP error log, perhaps I can help with some suggestions.

Make sure PHP has the EXIF extension loaded (https://www.php.net/manual/en/exif.installation.php).


It is a docker container (in Unraid), so there is not much to adjust I think.

I've done some more testing, and uploaded files in various ways (Nextcloud Windows app, Nextcloud Android app, Firefox upload (both Windows and Android).

If I upload pictures that way, Photos seems to be populated fine. And the picture information can look like this:

A side note: No matter what way the file is uploaded, the Modified / Created date are set to the uploaded date, but the Image properties shows the real date taken. These values should be the same IMO.

But if I upload pictures from Android via the app Autosync (using their Nextcloud integration), the Image Properties does not show, and I cannot find the pictures under Photos either.

It looks like this:

Why uploading using a different method makes a difference is beyond me. Because if I download the picture from Filerun, all the info (metadata) is in there.

I also uploaded a few HEIC pictures. They also show limited info and don't show up in Photos either, no matter the way it was uploaded.

And I still wish it was possible to add separators for separating the days within a month, months within a year etc.