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Unable to connect to Webdav with FileRun

richard szuszkiewicz 8 months ago updated 7 months ago 14

Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and I'm using FileRun for the first time via my provider https://www.o2switch.fr/

1. I installed FileRun at o2switch and activated my license everything works fine

2. When I go to Windows 10 with my terminal

to use rclone with my Windows console via the webdav protocol does it not work?

3. If I try to connect with the link https://www.filerun.passion-ph-vi.fr/dav.php/ and I enter the user and the password I arrive in this file XLM: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

4. But when I use this link with windows console and rclone remote I can't connect to FileRun.


See all existing Sub-Funds:

.\rclone lsd webdavo2switch:

List the contents of an existing Compartment:

rclone ls webdavo2switch:backup_truenas

Create a new "Test-Backup" Compartment:

.\rclone mkdir webdavo2switch:Test-Backup

What I'm trying to do: is copy files from a Windows 10 directory to FileRun with the Windows console in administrator mode.

Maybe I need to login using SSH? If yes, how ?

I went through the doc without finding the solution!

The cursor in the console flashes without an error message?

Does anyone have a lead on this issue?

Thanks for your help Richard ):

Are you using your account credentials, or your webdav credentials?Remember, they are different. When you login to Filerun web, go to your account and click "Connect App", that way, you will see webdav credentials (something like username 2@webdav and password is a long string). They are valid for 1 app, so you have to do this step for every webdav app you want to use.


Thank you for your reply !

I can't find: When you login to Filerun web, go to your account and click "Connect App",

Here is the photo of account detail:

[url=https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=22/32/no4v.jpg][img]https://zupimages.net/up/22/32/no4v.jpg[/img][ /url]

Link to image: https://zupimages.net/up/22/32/no4v.jpg

I looked in settings and I can't find it either.

I'm sorry I didn't find "Connect App" in my installation at O2switch.fr

Have a nice day and thank you for your response Richard

One issue I noticed is that the information in the "Connect App" form has some spaces in front of it if you copy it directly.
Make sure you paste the URl, username, and token into a separate notepad application first and remove any extra data before using it to sign in.

Hello StudioWhy LLC,

Thank you for your answer, but I can't find the parameters of "Connect App" or are they I didn't find it in my installation?

Thanks for your help Richard ):

It should be available under your profile:

At least it is for me. I am using OAuth2 as my identity provider.

Thank you for your answer,

I do not have this proposal in my profile:


Compared to my research in the various posts I have read, I believe that Webdav is disabled at O2switch.fr and it is forbidden to store backup files on their servers under their conditions. So it's a waste of time! I just have to uninstall fileRun. A shame, because it offers automatic installation on their site!

Thanks again and have a great day see you soon Richard :)

Do you have OAuth2 enabled?
If not, and you are using a simple username/password, I do not believe that the "Connect App" would appear.
I would try logging in with just your regular credentials via WebDav.

Your comment about seeing the XML when you sign in to  https://www.filerun.passion-ph-vi.fr/dav.php means that it should be working.
Try running this command in Powershell on your personal PC/client:
net use M: https://www.filerun.passion-ph-vi.fr/dav.php /Persistent:yes

Then sign in with your credentials and visit "This PC" to see the newly mapped WebDav drive.

Hello and thank you Scion for your help,

"Have you enabled OAuth2"

No I will do it this morning. If I enable OAuth2, will I be able to use the remote with rclone from Google Drive or Webdav? I did not think about it ! rclone and Google Drive work great with rclone :)

On the other hand I tried the code that you gave me in PowerShell but I have errors.

net use M: https://www.filerun.passion-ph-vi.fr/dav.php/Persistent:yes


I tried several things but it didn't work I'm a Noob :)

Thank you for your help and your patience Richard

Thanks Scion for your reply,

I created the OAuth2 client ID I chose external desktop application but, I come across my workspace drive "I don't understand why"?

I think I have to choose external web application and in the URY I paste https://www.filerun.passion-ph-vi.fr/index.php the address of my domain, since I am hosted at O2switch.fr

Do you have an idea to correctly create my client ID?

Thanks for your help Richard :)

Continuing to type index.php in your address bar makes me think that your web server is not configured right.

You should be able to use FileRun via WebDav using your FileRun user credentials. You are confusing FileRun's OAuth2 with googles. They are not related and you can't use one with the other.

If rclone is not working for you, use another WebDav solution for now.

Hello VladR,

Thank you for your answer I retested the cmd rclone with webdav by putting: https://www.filerun.passion-ph-vi.fr/dav.php and by informing the user and the password and it does not pass?

I'll check the rclone forum to see if they have a solution for filerun.

Thank you for your help and have a good day see you soon Richard

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I got a couple of reports related rclone. Seems to be some incompatibility. I will look into it and get back to you.

Thank you Vlad R for your help Richard :)