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The thumbnail was created with too many threads

yingchao6622 8 months ago updated by poikladevv88 6 months ago 3

i'm using flerun in docker(truenas's docker in docker),when it make Thumbnail it will make much threads that use all cpus

then my Custom Resource Limits will kill the container

Image 1158

i set env MAGICK_THREAD_LIMIT and MAGICK_THROTTLE_LIMIT for imagemagick but can't solve this problem

How to solve this problem?


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You are creating those threads, by listing many image files that do not have thumbnails already generated.

You can either pregenerate thumbnails (from the command line), disable thumbnails altogether, or accept how it works.

I tried this method, I was using make_ thumbs.PHP, the filerun container touches the performance limit again and is killed. Is there no better way?For example, limit the number of concurrent Magicks?Thank you for your reply

I encounter this problem too... Eating all of the RAM I have assigned for the container.

I think it definitely needs a thread limit feature in the setting.