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PHP 8.x

Matthias B 7 months ago updated by Vlad R 2 months ago 13


What's the status of PHP 8.x Support? PHP 7.4 will be end of life on 28 Nov 2022 and won't get any security updates anymore and it would be great if we could update to a supported version until then. 



Under review

It is under work. I am not sure if it will get included with the upcoming update, but I expect it to be ready not later than September.

I'd also like to get an estimate on support for PHP 8.1. I got my webserver all upgraded, then realized this doesn't support it. I'd rather not downgrade stuff again for one app if there's going to be an update in the next few weeks, but the rest of my stuff isn't really important so I can if I have to.

Any news on PHP 8 support ?

I want to join the others here. PHP 8.X support soon would be great. Any news?

I'm running the latest version of Filerun under PHP8 on a shared host.  Seems to be running fine.  


Yes, as long as "display_errors" is "Off", it will function, mostly. If error logging is enabled, it will fill up the logs with lots of warnings and notices. And you will probably encounter various smaller problems here and there.
For light/personal usage, might be fine to switch to PHP 8, especially now while waiting just a few more days for the FileRun update.

But I strongly recommend against it for business critical applications.

Will be answered

This required a bigger effort then originally estimated with almost the entirety of FileRun's code being covered, which resulted in massive testing requirements.

I expect the new release to be out in about one week. It will support both PHP 8.0 and 8.1. PHP 8.1 will be the new recommended version. (While PHP 8.2 is not out yet, I will expect the new FileRun version to function perfectly with it as well.)

Is this update coming? Really looking forward to it.


Hi Vlad,

What is the current timeline? PHP 7.4 is end of support now, so it is starting to become a compliance issue. Would be nice with an update to know when we can expect to tick that off.

Thanks, Michael

Im also looking forward to the update. Is there a timetable for the new release?


We really need this for our compliance checks, is there an update on this? When can we expect this release?

The update is under heavy testing. Due to the large scale of the rearchitecting done, my previous estimates failed, so I won't give another one for now.