Wrong email address in registration menu

kykint 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 6


I was trying to register a free license through the Software Licensing menu, but there was a typo in the email address. (Should've put a dot in the email domain name but instead put a comma.)

Can I change the email address for my domain or cancel the registration so I can re-input my email address, this time with more sanity?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately I don't see any unregsiter button, in fact I couldn't register my copy in the first place since I never received the code in my email.

Maybe I'm looking into a wrong page?


I found your registration and fixed the typo. Please try again.

Thank you!

However the domain is not yet showing up in my licenses menu.

When I enter my email address in my filerun instance > control panel > license:

Client area in filerun.com :

Those two are my old domains that are not used anymore.

Some further help would be appreciated!


Try again registering now, it should work better.

Great, I can now successfully register now! Thank you for the helps! :)