How to get stl-thumb working?

webmaster 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 1

On Windows server 2019, having difficulty getting stl-thumb to work... thumbnail generation tab in the control panel shows 

ERROR - Application error: Couldn't find any pixel format that matches the criterias.

 I've tried 

echo var_dump( exec("stl-thumb -vvv -f PNG C:/path/to/file.stl C:/path/to/file.png 2>&1" ) );

but I see the same error, this error is present under both IIS and Apache... Anyone got any suggestions on how to solve this?

Ok so heres what I did to get STL thumbnails

Download stltopng and place it in your cron colder

Download Papa’s Best STL Thumbnails and install with powershell (run as admin)

msiexec /i "Papas Best STL Thumbnails.msi" MSIINSTALLPERUSER=""

Now create a batch file in your cron folder containing 

"%~dp0stltopng" /res 400 /png "%4" "%3"

Now you can point filerun to this instead of stl-thumb, working flawlessly here!