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.pdf loading problem (not all of them)

Ignacio Z 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 6

Good day,

I´m experiencing problems uploading some .pdf files.

I see that they upload several times and then the server gives this error:




Access to this resource on the server is denied!


If I try to upload again, I get the same problem.

It only happens with some .pdf files. I also tried wit a different browser, same problem.

My installation is in: https://biblioteca.zuloaga.online/  

I´m sending you some screenshots and the .pdf file in .zip so you may see if this also happens to you.

I would really appreciate if you help me to solve the bug.

Best regards,


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I see an error message from your Lightspeed server in there, not from PHP or FileRun.

When you get this error, you can download files fine?

Thanks for your prompt reply and clarification.

I can see and download other files - but there are some that do not upload.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-09-26 a la(s) 7.06....png - it´s fine with other files uploaded at the same time I get the error from two particular files.

This file also shows the same problem when uploading. Performance_of_Geosynthetic_Reinforced_W.pdf

Could you please try to upload it and let me know the results.



Not a bug

FileRun makes no difference between the type of files you are uploading, or their contents. So there is no point in testing with a specific file.

If you have problems only with a specific type of file or its contents, the problem is not from FileRun. It could be from an antivirus or firewall, or something like a misconfigured "mod_security" Apache module, you might have in your infrastructure.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and ideas on were could the bug be coming from.

I will do some tweeks on the mod_insecurity and see how it goes.

Very best regards,