409 Conflict when trying to use rclone via WebDav

patrick ct 2 months ago updated 4 weeks ago 1

Hello, I'm trying to use rclone to sync a local directory to a remote Filerun install. The Filerun server is located on an Unraid box using Docker.

The web interface is working just fine. However, when trying to use rclone via WebDav, I get the following error on the client for each file that it's trying to transfer:

ERROR : <FILE>: Failed to copy: read metadata failed: Cannot read the requested folder: 409 Conflict

The files still transfer properly, however I'd like to get rid of that error. Using rclone with Google Workspace is working fine.

Any idea what could be wrong?

On the server, I get the following lines in the log:

  • 10/10/2022 8:38:03 PM172.18.0.1 - 1@webdav [10/Oct/2022:20:38:02 -0400] "PUT /dav.php/@Home/test/<FILE> HTTP/1.1" 201 264 "https://filerun.REDACTED.xyz/dav.php/" "rclone/v1.59.2"
  • 10/10/2022 8:38:03 PM172.18.0.1 - 1@webdav [10/Oct/2022:20:38:03 -0400] "PROPFIND /dav.php/@Home/test/<FILE> HTTP/1.1" 409 236 "https://filerun.REDACTED.xyz/dav.php/" "rclone/v1.59.2"
  • I am having this issue as well.