File path changes & mounting multiple volumes

benjifrank14 4 months ago 0

I am worried about losing my work and associations if I need to alter the root path I use in FileRun. Are the instructions on migrating servers also the same instruction (and SQL commands) to run if I just want to change the main file locaton on my own server? https://docs.filerun.com/migrating

I was also testing having my root location be a place where I can mount multiple volumes because I have one volume for video and one just for photos. So it would be like "/mount/video/" and "/mount/photos/" but I would just set my directory for FileRun to be "/mount/" ... anyone ever done something like this successfully before? I think I am basically able to get this to run but if I have to unmount a drive and mount one again it looks like stared files or files contained in collections are being dropped. 

Amazing, amazing work on this beautiful software @Vlad.