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Vips installed BUT "--vips-config" returns as "unkown option"

benjifrank14 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 2

I was excited to try Vips for faster thumb generation. Seems I am okay on the first check but failing the second. I used the first two commands on this page to install:https://github.com/libvips/libvips/wiki/Build-for-Ubuntu


root@myserver:/# "vipsthumbnail" --vips-version

libvips 8.9.1-Sun Feb 23 08:51:26 UTC 2020

root@myserver:/# "vipsthumbnail" --vips-config

Unknown option --vips-config

Image 1237

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but do thumbnails work?

Hey @Vlad. Thanks for response. In general, yes. But occasionally a set will show some dark panels for common file format where the actual image is present and shows on click. And this also seems to happen on refresh. This is not common, however. Below are my discoveries related to this. Possibly in future versions a way to insulate file thumbs from breaking under these scenarios could be found.

* Question marks break thumbnails generation: I have also found that I sometimes will liberally annotate screenshots with question marks like, "how about this one?.png" and this seems to break it.  

* Occasionally get dark panels & unclear cause: See below. This happens even on refresh. However, if I rename one of the dark panels inside FileRun like by appending a "2" at the end and then save and refresh the page the thumbnail then seem to appear. 

After renaming: