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Connect to Nextcloud app from fresh nginx installation

langerdennis 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 3

Following up on #1613 since its status is "closed".

When trying to log into the Nextcloud app on both Android and iOS, it is showing me to the log-in screen of my FileRun installation. I am able to type username and password into their respective fields. Afterwards, I do not see an input for my 2FA, but if I just type it blindly and submit it is logging me in. Now, I am staying in the rendered mobile browser after log-in however - it is not opening the file structure in the Nextcloud app. The behavior is the same when logging in with a user without 2FA. The app does give me a pop-up saying my server version is not supported anymore, but that message also appears when logging into the demo instance (which is working), therefore I do not think this is relevant.

I am running a fresh nginx install based on the tutorial from the blog. My nginx config is exactly as described there and I am running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. As mentioned above the Nextcloud app works with the demo website and has worked with the Apache Docker version, which I had used before (even offering a popup message for the 2 factor-code like on the website). I am not sure if I am missing something in nginx. I am using Caddy as a reverse-proxy with SSL, and did not change the Caddy configuration when moving from Apache to nginx (using a simple reverse_proxy directive).

WebDAV is working for me through different clients and I am also able to see the XML appear at /dav.php. The API is enabled from the control panel.

Any idea how I can make FileRun open in the Nextcloud app after authenticating?

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Works without 2FA enabled in FileRun?

P.S. Thanks for starting a new topic for this.

Hi Vlad,

thanks for following up so quickly. Same behavior for user without 2FA. Log-In does work, but it is rendering the mobile web browser with the FileRun UI and not redirecting back into the Nextcloud app/UI.

Just to clarify: I do not really mean the browser, I just mean the redirect to the log-in page from within the Nextcloud app. Therefore there is also no browser tab I cloud close, it is just FileRun UI rendered in the Nextcloud app.