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Can't reactivate account

andreas 2 weeks ago updated 3 days ago 11


One of the user accounts got deactivated and i can't activate them, because the checkbox to activate an account is greyed out.

Is there a way to fix this?

Image 1251

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You see the user record grayed out in the list of users? Running the latest FileRun version?

the user is greyed out in the userlist and when i click on that particular user, i see that greyed out box like in my first post - this is actually the same with all users. They are activated, but that checkbox is greyed out too.

Filerun version: 20220519

Is there a way to activate that user account?

There is no code on FileRun side which would disable that checkbox. Are you sure you can't click on it? (What browser are you using?)

I am totally sure, that i can't click on the checkbox. The checkbox is greyed out with every user. I tried different browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Just created a new user to see if this problem only affects existing users, but no, all users are affected unfortunately.

Image 1252

Could you please disable the dark mode because it is hard to impossible to see if that checkbox is actually disabled or not.


This is the user that is deactivated

Image 1253

This is a user that is active but the checkbox is greyed out too

Image 1256

I confirm it is a FileRun bug. I will get back to you with a patch.

Hi - Just to add to this: I see the same problem. An account was deactivated due to too many password attempts, and now I can't reset it because the checkbox is greyed out.

System: Firefox 10.6.05, macOS 11.7.1 on Intel.

A quick patch would be very helpful, thanks.