wndows explorer connect error

frun f4baf 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 5

I'm following your documentation to a T. It's well explained. When I enter my full domain in windows add network location such as https://www.your-website.com/filerun/dav.php/ Of course I am replacing www.your-website.com with my own.

Win Explorer give an error which makes no sense.  It displays a dialog with message "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid. Please choose another"

Any ideas? Thank you.

I had that issue too, can't remember if I just tried multiple times until it worked, but you can also give this a try: https://www.your-website.com/filerun/dav.php/%40Home/ 

Also, are you running filerun inside its own folder? If not use https://www.your-website.com/dav.php/ or https://www.your-website.com/dav.php/%40Home/ 

Sometimes it helps if you open whatever URL you're using here in a browser first.


Something is apparently missing. See my topic too: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/1688-mount-as-windows-drive-without-third-party-apps-to-the-demo-site

I have tried several computers, and different Filerun instances on different sites, same problem. Some times I get connected, but mostly not. The solution is not stable. Can not rule out for customer production, so I still have to use Nextcloud app on Windows 10. The latest version 220519+patch seems to have some problems.


I replied to your ticket and got it working. These sound like two different issues to me.

Not works for me. See my answer on the other ticket. Maybe something is missing on a clean Windows 10 to get it work.

I finally got this to work. I used the connect app to create the webdav credentials and it also creates the proper webdav url. I used that and it worked.