After the update to 20220519 all my files lost their file type

mrklugmrklug 1 week ago updated by Vlad R 2 days ago 6

I downloaded all files and uploaded them again and their file type was right. Can I do this in another way? It would be really annoying if I need to download all my files and upload them again.

Thank you :D


Image 1263

After the reupload:

Image 1264

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You can reindex files from a folder's control panel, as superuser.

I doubt that the update removed any data from the database though.

How can I do that? Under Metadata, File Types?

Right click a folder, as superuser, choose ''More options" -> "Control panel"

Thanks for the help, but I still have two questions how can I do this with the other accounts? (so they are not superusers) and what exactly decides which files are in photos, music and videos? for me there is somehow confusing some videos and photos are in it but very many are not or then only sorted by the latest but not in the "normal" Photos tab.

It's weird. I have more pictures at last uploaded than at the photos self.

What is the different?

Image 1266

Image 1267

Image 1268


Some are photos, some are images. A photo is marked with the date it was taken.