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Converting to PDF files

eddie 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 4

Would you consider to add build-in support for converting files into PDF files through https://github.com/gotenberg/gotenberg?

Under review

The CloudConvert plugin can be used for that.

Additionally FileRun already automatically converts various office documents into PDF for preview, when the LibreOffice is available on the server and enabled from the FileRun control panel.

Thank you for your reply. For privacy reasons when working with sensitive data, a solution not sharing data to a third party might be needed. CloudConvert stores files for a longer period, which could violate specific privacy rules. 

I take it that a solution using LibreOffice to not preview files, but to save them directly into the source folder in FileRun can be done through an additional plugin? 

Yes, it is possible and will be added in the future. There are lots of things on the to do list though before this.

Thanks for a great product. I fully understand - and look forward to all updates!