Export File Details and Weblinks to CSV

Clement W 1 month ago 0

Hi i saw a similar request for this feature, however i would appreciate a way to export the complete file names, folder paths, metadata, file types and weblinks to each file (auto-generated for those files that's not been shared yet) to CSV file.

We're a building a separate front-end site to allow students/teachers to access our educational resources stored in our Filerun server, to avoid the complexity of mass user management and creating thousands of user accounts. The front-end site allows users to search their content from a table with data imported from CSV. The search results will be displayed in a tabular format on the site and the shared web link next to the results which can be clicked and directly accessed without logging into Filerun GUI.

The current feature in Filerun, allows us to export the File Index with Filename, Relative path and Direct Link only. Clicking on a direct link brings us to the Filerun Login GUI instead of opening up the intended file. Attached a screenshot of our front-end GUI. So basically we need: Filename, Metadata, File Types and Weblinks. Any other options to export other parameters would be great. Is there's a workaround for this as we need it quite urgently for a project rollout?

Image 1289