Plugin: Virus detection

pr0ph37 1 month ago updated 1 day ago 4

I have just written a plugin that uses the free API of VirusTotal to check files for a virus (max. file size 30 MB).

Here are a few screenshots

Image 1300

Image 1301

Image 1302

Image 1304

Image 1303

Image 1305


You can find the plugin now on GitHub: https://github.com/MalteKiefer/filerun-plugin-virustotal

I have changed the layout a bit.

Image 1306

Cool, thanks for sharing!

Awesome work! But qould it be possible to use it with a local ClamAV installation instead of virustotal? And maybe even as files are uploaded, instead of triggering it manually.

Having files being uploaded to an external server (even if it is something trusted like Virustotal) is not appealing for certain scenarios.