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Plugin Development Questions

cwallacecs+filerun 2 weeks ago updated 2 weeks ago 3

I want to create a plugin that will:

- Get a list of files/folders That meet search requirements (like tags or other metadata)

- Then I would like use that list to add tags directly to files

I believe that this is possible but there is no documentation for how to use the methods avaliable.

Any guidance?

I'd appreciate a response, Vlad R, I understand your busyness though.

Under review

Sorry for the silence, life happened and had some crazy weeks. I will get back to you these days with code examples. It might require the next update, as there is a lot of change particularly tagging related.

And that's a confirmation about more tagging stuff being in the next update for me if I've ever seen one!
I am definitely hyped now for the next FileRun update!

Thanks for the response, I understand the craziness you've been having, especially seeing that you're the only one working on the next update.