OnlyOffice - download as / save copy as "pdf, docx ..."

andreas 2 weeks ago updated 6 days ago 2


I wanted to ask, if there is a possibility to add this options to the OnlyOffice Editor?

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It's possible to convert files with the CloudConvert plugin, but this would be way more convenient.

Thank you very much in advance!

Vote this post: https://feedback.filerun.com/communities/1/topics/1728-status-of-filerun-development

And see the link under point 2. Specifically the mention of a Collabora plugin in the future.

This is what I am waiting for, instead of supporting OnlyOffice (OnlyOffice is a bit of a mess in my opinion after long discussions on github about issues never getting fixed and poor support for non-US languages and their docker image is a complete black box, most errrors are not captured). LibreOffice for Desktop has come a long way and can now also be configured to look like MS Office. Collabora is based on that.

See my endless trial and error efforts:


This one is particularly nasty: 


Hi man, thanks for your reply!

I am sorry, that you experience a lot of issues with OnlyOffice. I am running an Unraid Server and never had any issues with the provided docker images of the OnlyOffice Document Server. The only issue that was annoying sometimes, was that Nextcloud was too slow to update the files i edited. That issue is gone since i switched to FileRun.

Collabora would be a great option and i will definitely make a switch.

I made a vote for your topic!