Folder level permissions

Marc P 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 10 months ago 12

I would like to be able to set permissions on subfolders.  Such as only allow uploading or deleting form specific sub folders, while allowing all permissions on other folders.

Anything that improves the granularity of the ACLs without sacrificing too much performance will get an upvote from me.

Hello, how can i block direct access to a file, for example if i have

smserver.biz/superuser/POZE/POZE RAW/20171231_190925.jpg , anyone can see that picture

Each type of HTTP server has its own way of configuring that. But generally, if you wish your files to be kept private, do not upload them inside the public area of your HTTP server (ie, "public_html", "www", etc)

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I protected entire folder by adding restrictions in .htaccess

Hello, I'm thinking about implementing Filerun for my small non profit organisation replacing Google Drive. There are some limits though, and that is folder/file permissions.

Do you plan on adding this ? I'm asking as I see no update on this thread... I would assign the same location to every user, and simply hide some folders/files to certain users.

Files and folders can already be shared between users, with individual permissions, so FileRun currently does have folder-level permissions.

(We will never add a feature where one hides folders.)

Under review

We will however add tools for sharing multiple files and folders at the same time, so cases like sharing "all subfolders but one" will be possible in an easier way in the near future.

That's the Answer I needed ! Thanks ! :)


Sorry for bothering again... Do you plan for adding the feature also within roles ? 

Like Role A allows to it's user to access shared folder X, Y and Z ? ^^

can we restrict users to upload files on specific folder? 

Yes, through sharing folders with different permissions, using another FileRun user account.