Redirect login to SSO?

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Is there any way to automatically redirect unauthenticated users to my OAuth2 SSO page? I have local logins disabled and the Filerun login page thus is an unnecessary extra page load, extra click, attack vector, and confusing for users. As-is users are directed to https://filerun.example.com/sso to skip the Filerun login page, but it can still surface (such as when a user attempts to access a Filerun page without being authenticated, which redirects them to the Filerun login page).I didn't see anything in the documentation, apologies if I missed something.


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If you allow local accounts to login, the login page cannot be blocked. If you disable that, the login page should redirect automatically.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding then. I have "Allow local user accounts to login" unchecked. When a user navigates to my root Filerun URL "filerun.example.com", the login page displays and users have to click the "SSO" button to be redirected to my OAuth2 provider. As expected, trying to use the FIlerun login page yields an error. I'm wondering if there's any way to skip this login screen entirely and automatically redirect unauthenticated users to the OAuth2 provider; this Filerun login page would never be visible.

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I am having the same issue. Wondering if this is a bug.

Searching answer

Looking into it.


Sorry for the wait. This was fixed in development and will be included in the upcoming update. Still testing the update but I am optimistic that will be ready in a few days.