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New Install - needs help with some questions

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I am very new to FileRun, and I was considering   a file browser that will serve NFS storage areas ( home directories , other directories hosted from a central NFS server).  I found this software, I was able to install the free version of it in one my VMs.  So far it looks good. My installation base will be pretty large, as  I have over 500 active users using my current system.  Looking the software and its supersuer interface, I have a few questions.  If someone can help answer my questions below, it would be very helpful to me to help evaluate the software.

Here are my questions: 

A.  I will need to install this in at least 3-4 servers where a load balancer will dynamically assign users to any one of those servers running FileRun.  Since I am not (yet) sure what the mysql data base does, is it possible to install the software in multiple servers and may be share the same database?  Actually, my requirement is just accessing files from NFS, with the native user/group read/write permission from the server.  That is all I would need the software to do.  Is it even possible not to use a database at all?

B.  user account creation.  Currently we use the file browser from jupyterhub , where any authenticated user ( authenticated with SAML) can browse his/her home directories and any other directories they have access to ( UNIX permission wise ).  I don't create any local account for users in jupyterhub.  I think in FileRun there must be an account created first before the user attempts to logon.  Is there a way to bypass that and handle that username with a SAML token?  If FileRun must have an user account created locally, then is there a CLI method to create users programmatically? 

I guess free license users don't get to ask questions to support and/or sales in your company.  therefore I decided to write in the forum.  

If you can help answer my questions above, I would very much appreciate it.  

Thank you.

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A. You would be surprised how low resource are FileRun's requirements. For 500 users you don't need load balancing. But if you insist on it, you can have multiple servers using a common MySQL database, which is required.

B. You can have the account be automatically created from the SAML authentication at first access. However, file/folder access is not set based on UNIX permissions, but instead only by the FileRun configuration (home folder + folders shared by others)

Vlad, can I ask you about how to optimize a new (re)install?

I'm using a docker setup, and I cannot find php.ini (is not used) to try to follow the docs (https://docs.filerun.com/php_configuration) and add OPCache extension and apply all of the recomendations.