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Adjust big margins in photo display mode (minor suggestion)

Rudhra 2 weeks ago updated 4 days ago 4

I already believe photo display mode is great, but notice how large the black margins are, while it only shows the extension (which is not very useful info, since you selected photo display mode).

Consider reducing these bars/margins as much as possible, perhaps just a bar as thin as the text itself?

Additionally, instead of the extension consider showing date taken/last modified and filename. Or other tags like "GPS" if location is available or exposue details.

Image 1365

Under review

Here's how it look in the demo:

Image 1366

This is amazing! How do we get this ?
Will this be the upcoming version?

EDIT: I just noticed I DO have this for some folders, but not for all folders.. not sure what the difference is..

Aha, I found the issue: some folders that only or mostly (90+ %) contain photos (JPG/JPEG) the files are not recognized or indexed as photos. Because when I select "Show photos only" it says there are none.

Strange, because I already ran these commands

docker exec -w /var/www/html/cron filerun php index_filenames.php /user-files true 
docker exec -w /var/www/html/cron filerun php metadata_index.php

For example, for my user and my partner user account, it looks like the demo for all folders with photos.

For a third user that I created that contains mostly folders with photos, it looks like my screenshot.This user has all their folders shared with me and my partner. 

When I manually index a folder (right-click on a folder > More Options..> Control Panel > Index File Metadata) then refresh, it looks like the demo :) 

This means the metadata_index.php command is not working properly for me. But based on the documentation I do expect it to work for all users, all folders: 

metadata_index.php superuser /full/path/to/subfolder/

As above, but will apply to files located inside the home folder of the specified user account superuser. Not specifying a username will process all users' home folders. /full/path/to/subfolder/ is optional and limits the process to the particular subfolder.

@Vlad metadata_index.php has an issue:

It just stops after a few minutes, even though its output says there are still files remaining:

Updating cache...
Removing 53 processed files from queue...
4073 files remaining.

There are many more files than 4073 remaining, but I noticed it kept running, always saying more files remaining, until it just stops, like this.

Unfortunately, when I run it again, it will just index in the same order as the first run. Hence, it will only index already indexed files.

This means, for people with existing data collection, after they install Filerun, they cannot index files, only some of them :( I believe this is a bug?

For now, I run the command per user, but noticed I still had to run it three times for a user with 42K files. The first run ended with 21K files remaining, the third run for this user ended with "0 files remaining".

Another issue I can now confirm after a clean docker install with new database: 

metadata_index.php when run without specifying a username will only run for 1 user. For the next user, it will stop with the message:

Generating thumbnails for xxxx's files:
User not found!   

Even though there is nothing wrong with the user, it exists.

Also, I can run metadata_index.php with the username specified. 
This means, to use metadata_php the documentation is wrong or this is a bug. I am hoping it is a bug because it would be easier to run this command once and have it work its way through all users.