Short.io URL shortening integration

admin 2 weeks ago updated by Rudhra 5 days ago 9

So after a while, I think I have found a branded URL shortener for my public folder project - Short.io.

But however tho, I can't seems to get a way to integrate them for shortening web-links.

Their API documentation can be found here: https://developers.short.io/docs

I actually know how to get my config settled up, so I just need the right way to get the shortening my URL done.

Side note: Autologin.php is helpful for small publics projects like us, so I suggest that you should return the setup guides for it. Thank you.


Frick it, nevermind.

Short.io team suggest you to use this URL for the advanced configuration: https://api.short.io/links/tweetbot?domain=[YOUR_SHORTENING_DOMAIN]&apiKey=[YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY]&originalURL=###&urlOnly=1

Create the "config.php" file in "customizables" folder (if you haven't, then put in this snippet:


$config['app']['weblinks']['custom_url_shortener'] = 'https://api.short.io/links/tweetbot?domain=[YOUR_SHORTENING_DOMAIN]&apiKey=[YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY]&originalURL=###&urlOnly=1';


Thanks a lot! This is the way.
some people do not like bit.ly because its the default shortnener for spam in emails. Happy to get rid of that now.

Do you by any chance also use other stuff? for example uhm, OnlyOffice? I never got that working with their recent DocumentServer.. 

I use OnlyOffice with a Document Server on my Unraid-Nas and it works like a charm.

so you are able to view, open, edit files from Filerun web to OnlyOffice Documentserver? Strange. 
I spend A LOT of time trying to get it to work and posted extensive bug reports on GitHub but the problem is the Documentserver has near-zero error reporting.
At some point it seemed like DocumentServer Community edition docker image didn't work with btrfs filesystem for some reason.

Yes, everything works. Haven't experienced any bugs so far. I have been using OnlyOffice with Nextcloud and it works even better with FileRun.

By the way:

[YOUR_SHORTENING_DOMAIN] is for specify the domain you want to use for shortening, since their free plan allow you to add to 5 branded domains...

And if you have created a [YOUR_PRIVATE_API_KEY] for ALL DOMAINS ACCESS, you will have to specify the domain, but not have to if you only give a specified domain access from Short.io dashboard.