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nextCloud access problem

Mauro 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 5

I cannot access to server using my credential 

For url i used the root path of my server https://myserver/FileRun/

the following appears:

Image 79

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Can you access "https://myserver/FileRun/dav.php/" with your FileRun credentials?

The following windows appears when i try to login with browser

But i cannot access to them.

If i try to put the url https://myserver/FileRun/dav.php/ on nextCloud, the following error appears:


If typing your username and password inside the browser's login prompt doesn't let you proceed, it means your web server is not configured properly and it does not pass the HTTP Basic Authentication data to PHP.

What web server are you using? Is it configured by you or are you using a web hosting service?

Thank you for your suggestion.

I don't know how, but file .htaccess was hoped.

The problem is resolved when i reupload the file.