Mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

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and Windows phone. I have 20+ Windows phone users at my office.


No need for a mobile app..Just a web based mobile version that can be accessed by the mobile phone's or tablet's web browser is excellent.

There is one. You access it by appending "/touch" to your FileRun installation URL.

In addition to mobile apps for users is it possible to create an admin app for control panel items? This would be useful for mobile phones with smaller screens (Windows Phone, Android, IOS).

We will try to add that as soon as we have the basic working apps.

A quick heads up. To use the upcoming mobile apps with your FileRun installations you will need to configure your web servers with a trusted SSL certificate. Self-signed or any irregularity with the SSL certificate and the application will not connect.
The apps will simply not work with your FileRun installation via "http://".

P.S. A first Android version of the app is currently under testing and will be soon released along with a FileRun server update.

A preview version for Android is now available: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.afian.FileRun

You can test it out with the demo (http://www.filerun.com/demo). The URL needs to start with "http://" (not "https://") for now.

An e-mail announcement will be sent soon. It will include a FileRun server update which will allow you to use the app with your own server.

Feedback on the app is most welcome at tech-support@...

If you wish to try the development version of the Android app, there is a private beta that you can access using this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.afian.FileRun


At this time we have postponed the development of the app for any platform other than Android. If you have a strong interest in using the app on iOS or Windows Phone, don't hesitate to e-mail us your request along with information on how many users you expect to use this in your environment.

My user, Is interested in a client for IOS.

Do you have enough people who would be interested in this?

Thank you


An iOS app will be available in the first half of 2018.

are you still planning to release iOS and Android apps?

Just adding my two cents:  +1 for a native iOS app.

+1 for native iOS.  

The Android app works great but trying to use NextCloud for iOS fails completely (even NextCloud on Android works ok but not on iOS)

No possible use android app without https ? we try use in cinfig this and don´t works $config['app']['api']['oauth2']['allow_over_http'] = true;

And result it´s error The 0auth2server is currently disabled, it´s possible use Android App and no need https, thank´s

Yes, is is possible to access via HTTP. Please see http://docs.filerun.com/mobile_apps