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User directory page

Gerald F 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

My users suggest that they could have a button near the help,

which would show in a page the list of people who have an account on filerun,

and the list of  people who are in a group.

This is something that is easy enough to do in php by oneself.
At first, would it be possible to add icons near help for specific pages

or a possibility to create a customizable drop-down menu to add its own pages
to filerun.

Thank you.

Under review

Can you elaborate a bit on the purpose of the list? Would it allow some form of interaction with the other users?

The primary purpose of the list is to just have a directory page of groups and people. This is to allow users to know who is in a group easily.
Since users can not create or manage groups, they must ask the administrator to do so. So that allows them to have a view on it.

If it is possible as for the help page to add its own pages, I can create the php script to do this function.

Then we can imagine some more interactive things, where user 
can invite other users into a group or manage their own groups,

but I think it's a lot more time for you to do that.

Thank you.