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Size of directory and date of file

Gerald F 10 months ago in Feature requests • updated by Vlad R 10 months ago 1

One of my users, ask if  it is possible to have a function to know the size of a directory 

(recursively, with all subdirectories).
In our case of using filerun, we can have thousands of files in subdirectories, so I
think that it should not be displayed directly, but have a button that
makes a computing of this information, if is it possible.

Moreover in case of upload file users ask if the date of origin of the file
(i.e. the date of creation on the computer) can be preserved?
I do not think that technically it is possible, but I ask the question.

Thank you.


Under review

For the folder size, I can provide a plugin, as soon as we're done with releasing the software update we are currently busy testing.

The date the file was last modified could technically be sent to the server on upload, but not the date it was created.