Copy metadata over when creating file copies

Vlad R 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 2

When you copy and paste a file from a folder to another, the metadata attached to the original file are not being copied along with the file. Perhaps users might find it useful if it did?

Under review

When you usually upload a file, FileRun automatically sets a metadata type and populates the values for the metadata fields that are set with an "automatic source". For example, when you upload an image file that has embedded EXIF data, such as "author", "caption", "GPS location", etc gets automatically copied to the metadata fields.

We have made it so that when you copy and paste a file, the newly created file gets the same treatment. We believe this is useful for more users cases, than just copying over the existing file's metadata, regardless of file type. It is not possible to have both behavior, as the metadata from the old file would get overwritten by the data from inside the file, or vice versa.

If you believe that in your particular case it would be more useful to get the exact same metadata copied over, please share your use case, perhaps we will reconsider.