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Cannot login in new version (Windows 10)

dannychow 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 months ago 7

I 'm using a Windows 10 as server. I installed PHP7.2.2 (64 bits) and using the newest Filerun (FileRun_2018_02_13_PHP71). I could see the welcome page and input all the database information. It also could show the superuser account information to me. But when I tried to login using the super account, it bounded back to the login page. Please see the error log of the PHP below. Any idea how to solve it?


[27-Feb-2018 17:45:14] PHP Warning:  session_regenerate_id(): Cannot regenerate session id - session is not active in D:\FileRun_2018_02_13_PHP71\system\classes\vendor\FileRun\Auth.php on line 72
[27-Feb-2018 17:45:14] PHP Warning:  Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at D:\FileRun_2018_02_13_PHP71\system\classes\vendor\FileRun\Auth.php:72) in D:\FileRun_2018_02_13_PHP71\system\modules\fileman\sections\default\php\login.php on line 119



After I configured a valid path for "session.save_path", I can login right now. Thanks.

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Might have been a temporary issue. Try logging in with a different browser and let me know if the problem persists.

Also, make sure PHP is configured with a valid path for "session.save_path".


After I configured a valid path for "session.save_path", I can login right now. Thanks.

same problem on fresh install on rhel8. This solution  didn't worksfor me. I used the latest filerun 

If you upload the file "https://goo.gl/ens592" (phpinfo generating PHP script) to your server and send us its URL or output, we can help you better with the PHP configuration information it provides.


same problem here, do assist me plz

Your "include_path" is wrong. It needs to include ".;".