Imagick or GD support (instead of only ImageMagick)

matthias sartor 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 4


are there any plans to add Imagick/GD (PHP) support for image operations instead of only ImageMagic? I guess some people are installing your (great!) software on shared webspace with a hosting provider where ImageMagick doesn`t work as it needs command line execution permissions for PGP which not every provider grants (for security reasons).

Thanks for an update!


GD is already supported and it's on by default when ImageMagick is not enabled.

We do have in our plans to add also Imagick PHP extension support.

Hello. How about update to use Imagick library on my shared hosting?


Support for IMagick will be added with the next FileRun update.

About GD: Since February 2018, generating thumbnails using PHP (GD) has been limited to very small image files (up to 2MB) due to GD's poor performance and limited support for image formats, and ImageMagick (soon Imagick as well) is the only supported way of having thumbnails in FileRun.


Support for IMagick is included in the now available FileRun software update (https://docs.filerun.com/updating).