SFTP Client Plugin

rino m nur 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 3


We.ve already installed FileRun and runs perfect. I want to ask that can i have remote folder using SFTP Client in FileRun ? 

Thanks for your help.


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I am sorry but I do not understand "can i have remote folder using SFTP Client in FileRun". Please rephrase.


Sorry for bad phrase. I mean that i have server with SFTP Server or SSH Server service. Can i mount some folders in that server within FileRun ? or is there any SFTP Client in FileRun so i can mount some folder ? 



FileRun manages only folders on the same server. It does not manage anything else.

You are free to mount remote folders inside the folders managed by FileRun, by any other possible mean (like FUSE, for example).