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Weblink Branding (Logo)

Justin M 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

Can we have our branding (logo) be visible when someone visits a weblink?

Under review

You can find the HTML code of the web link pages inside the "system/modules/weblinks/sections/public/html". Note that it is Smarty templating code. Also note that those files usually get replaced by FileRun updates.

So browsing the html files in that folder, this doesn't seem too difficult for me to add in our logo on the header. I can throw it in the div header/left before the breadcrumb.

But any changes I make here will be overwritten and need to be redone every Filerun update? Could there be an option to apply branding to weblink pages in a future Filerun version?


One can currently include a third-party JavaScript and/or CSS file in the FileRun main user interface. We will consider adding a similar option for the weblink pages.

Thank you, much appreciated.