file request email not working

Ron C 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 5 years ago 6

Hello, we are trying to get the email the "file request" to work but we don't seem to get it working. We get the error telling us we need to fill in the email address. But the field is read only so we cannot fill in anything. Is there a solution? please find the attachment. Thanks

Image 107

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The bug is that you should not get the option of sending via e-mail if the user account doesn't have an e-mail address configured.

The option that allows the user to type in different e-mail addresses is called "Allow the users to edit the e-mail address they are sending files from." and is available in the Enterprise FileRun version in the control panel, under E-mail > Settings.

I did change the options and filled in an emailaddress. It does send the email now but that does not contain a link as it should. the email is empty only telling me "Superuser has shared the following files:"

So there should be an email with a link? I attached two screenshots


Seems to be a bug, when using the e-mail function right after creating a file request. A workaround would be to re open the web link panel on the created folder and trying again, making sure you see the folder in the list of attachments. As you can see in the original screenshot, that field was empty.

Hi Vlad,

I tried that but no luck. Maybe you can login and see for yourself? Thanks again. Ron

Sure, please provide the access information via e-mail and I will check it out.