File Run App Feature and Compatibility

Andreas L 5 years ago updated by Vlad R 4 years ago 3

At first I do not see the necessity to use the filerun app on android - because the mobile web version is working well. The only "nice to have feature" would be the possibility to use native "send to..." command in android for any file. This in order to start an upload to my filerun cloud.

I cannot find out if your app would provide this feature because it is not working Android version 8. I am able to install the app and connect to the server but it stucks on the "loading" message.

Is there a chance to be able to use it on Andoid 8 in future?

Under review

Support for Android 8 will be added soon. Hopefully also with the option of using FileRun as a tool for sending/uploading files to. Thank you for your patience!


Support for newer Android versions has been added to the app.