Native iOS Version

Paul L 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

Please create native FileRun App for iOS.

Android has so many options... Web interface, FileRun app, NextCloud, OwnCloud

When I try to use Web interface on new iPhone, Safari can't even display the login page, the display is all messed up and stuff is all over the place.  If I use a Web interface on an older iPhone, I am able to view the login page and log in but cannot navigate because double click is not recognized.

Chrome on iPhone can view and login no problem but same thing, unable to navigate due to no double click.

Have tried both OwnCloud and NextCloud but neither will connect to FileRun.  I can put in the address and it then asks for user/password but quits with ERROR. (works with Android no problem)

Looking at very old posts here there is mention of /TOUCH flag for mobile but that doesn't seem to be an option anymore.

The only thing I have found that does seem to work is an iOS app called WebDAV Navigator.

I connect with https://mydomain:4430/FileRun/dav.php

and I am able to work with all my files.

What are others doing/using for iOS ?


Doing the same thing you are—patiently waiting for a native iOS app.