download stops at 100 MB

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Hi guys. I am testing the free version at our shared hosting account and I have a problem downloading :(. I can upload even very large files, but when I try to download them it stops at 100mb every time. I could download larger files in the beginning, but something must have changed since installation. Do any of you have an idea what could be wrong or what setting I should look for in the .htaccess file?

Thanks in advance


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How long does it take to download that 100MB? Is it every time the same?

Are you using Apache?

Is PHP configured as an Apache module, Fast-CGI, or PHP-FPM?


The first 100MB downloads within seconds and then stops. It's at 100mb every time. 

The server is running LiteSpeed V6.11

Given a limited amount of script execution time (see PHP's configured "max_execution_time") and a stable network speed will result in always downloading the same amount of data.

Given that you are using an Enterprise web server, you should take advantage of the customer support and receive help with the issue. Know that it is not from FileRun, but either from the PHP configuration or the web server configuration.