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Multiple Paths/Folders Request

Paul L 5 years ago updated by Rudhra 2 years ago 9

I would like to request the ability to assign more than one path/folder to each user like this...

Image 131

or like this...

Image 132


This would be awesome, that would be the most comfortable solution when managing nested shares gets tricky (as in my case)

I need that same option, multi location


Is this functionality included in a next system release/upgrade?

Me too agree it will fix many sharing issues.

I know this is rather old, but perhaps people will come back to see this, it might solve their problems: 

You can always symlink folders into a user's Filerun home folder. If you're using docker, you have to mount those folders as volumes instead (in the docker-compose.yml), as symlinks won't work correctly with docker, e.g.:


  - /home/user/filerun/user-files:/user-files 

  - /home/some_other_shared_folder:/user-files/some_other_shared_folder

Under review

While this works great for file access, there is a downside that needs to be mentioned. That is, collaboration via any FileRun-related metadata, such as labels, tags, comments, metadata and also e-mail notifications no longer work between users that access the same files, because FileRun is referencing the files by their paths, and having symlinks means users access the same files via different paths.

@razvan I do that and experience this issue (can't move newly created folders within that shared volume to trash, files work fine): https://feedback.filerun.com/en/communities/1/topics/1153-failed-to-move-item-to-trash-folder

Do you have the same experience?

I just discovered I can do the following! Imagine 2 users AAA and BBB and 3 folders in /user-files. 




There is no user account with folder /user-files/Shared.

Now I can do this (ensure you are in the user AAA folder first):

$ cd /user-files/AAA
/user-files/AAA $ ln -rs /user-files/Shared Shared

Do the same for user BBB:

$ cd /user-files/BBB
/user-files/BBB $ ln -rs /user-files/Shared Shared

In Filerun, login either as user AAA or BBB, notice there is a folder called Shared :)

You can access it etc. No need to actually mount it via docker.

Unfortunately, tags, comments etc are NOT applied to the actual files. FileRun still thinks there are 2 Shared folders now and will index them individually.

Worse: if you use a syncing client (Nextcloud Desktop Client) on a laptop and sync both AAA and BBB accounts with that laptop, the folder Shared will be downloaded and synced twice, within each user account...

That is why I am going to move away from this solution and use a 3rd FileRun user account, share its whole folder with user AAA and BBB and probably never login to that 3rd account again.

On the shared laptop, I will then add all 3 accounts to the Nextcloud Desktop Client to sync them.